How to apply for housing benefits

You can apply for housing benefits by logging in to My pages
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Online application for housing benefits requires Icekey or digital certificates.
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Further information about Icekey:
Instructions in Icelandic
Instructions in English
Instrukcja w jezyk Polskim

The process
When an application has been submitted the applicant will receive a confirmation email. The Housing Financing Fund will contact the applicant if further information or data is needed.
All household members over 18 years old, also need to log in to their account and provide necessary information.
Housing benefits payments are paid on the first day of the calendar month after the application is approved.
Note that applications are rejected within 45 days if necessary information have not been received.
Applications on written form
Below you can access the application form on paper and commissions from household member, if applicable. However it is strongly recommended submitting applications electronically.
Housing Financing Fund will download registered leases electronically and therefore the following applicants do not have to submit a copy of the rental agreement:

- Applicants who rent residential property on the general rental market and have registered leases.

- Applicants who rent residential property owned by the state or municipality.

- Students who hire a room or apartment in a dormitory or at student housing related to recognized educational institutions within the general educational system. This rule does not apply to students who rent rooms 'in town' or as a part of an apartment on the general rental market.

- Those in the housing resources of disabled people due to Article 10. on people with disabilities ( laga um málefni fatlaðs fólks).

- Those who have temporary use of property for personal use due to forced sale. The magistrates decision to that effect must be on hand.

Only those who rent housing in halfway houses must submit a copy of the written lease application.

Application form

If the household member needs to submit their consent form on paper about information and/or update revenue then fill out the form listed below.

Consent form

Below is a commission form for those who apply for the tenant.


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