Administrative appeal procedure

Decisions regarding housing benefits can be appealed to a Complaints Committee.
An individual also has the option to complain to the Althing Ombudsman. It is generally not possible to complain to the Ombudsman until a Complaints Committee has issued its ruling in the case.
An applicant may also submit his dispute to the courts.

The Complaints Committee
The Complaints committee of welfare issues (Úrskurðarnefnd velferðarmála) governed by Act no. 85/2015 rules on complaints that may arise on the basis of the act on housing benefits.
If the applivant does not accept the decision of the Housing Financing Fund he can appeal the decision to the Committee.

An appeal to the Complaints committee
An appeal to the Disciplinary Committee shall be in writing. Complaint forms can be obtained on the Committee´s website.
It is not necessary to use the standard complaint forms but an appeal to the Committee must be in writing. 

The deadline for appeal
The deadline to appeal the decision to the Committee is three months after the applicant was informed of the decision.

Procedures for Complaints
When an appeal is received by the Complaints Committee, all data in the case is sent to the committee. The Housing Financing Fund is also required to present the matter, stating the facts and legal grounds for the decision. Before its ruling the Committee ensures that the complainant has the opportunity to comment on the case. The Committee may, summon the parties to a meeting.
Complaints Committee seeks to issue a ruling within three months after receiving an appeal.

Decisions of the Committee are published on the site

Names and addresses of individuals are not publicly disclosed of the committee's decisions.

Complaints committee of welfare issues (Úrskurðarnefnd velferðarmála) 
Katrínartún 2
105 Reykjavík
Phone: 5518200

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